Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father’s Day reflections

My absence from this blog has ended…with a few reflections on Father’s Day.

Among the times we take a look backward and forward, and evaluate what is indeed important, are milestones, beginning of a new year, crises and special days. So it is with Father’s Day, for me, this year.

Perhaps it is because we have just come off a wonderful vacation that included my two children. Perhaps it is just this arbitrary day on the calendar: “Father’s Day.” But, my thoughts came around to a few of the things that matter most to me.

I have some goals and hopes and dreams that are beyond my immediate family. And, I think about those quite a bit and endeavor to live my life and use my gifts focused on some of those core values and goals. It’s part of my life each week.

But, in the old what-would-you-want-said-about-you-at-your-funeral deal, here’s what really matters: that my son and daughter can say that they respect me, that they have been a priority in my life, and they know without a shadow of doubt how much I love them; and, that Gail, my wife, can say the same thing.

What matters to me is how I live my life with integrity as a dad and husband. If that isn’t there, then the other goals and dreams lose their meaning.

On my anniversary I tend to focus more deeply on gratitude for the wife I have. On Father’s Day, I’m prompted to reflect, with gratitude, on how blessed I am with two wonderful children.

If Wade and Megan happen to read this, they might be embarrassed. Sorry…

On the recent trip we were fortunate to have had (for several reasons), I don’t hesitate to say, without question, the best part of the trip. It was the last night when we were all together before Wade, Megan and Aaron, her boyfriend, had to fly back to the U.S. We were at a hotel on the side of mountain in Southern Switzerland- Locarno. It overlooked a lake and the mountain next to it.

Instead of going out to dinner, the consensus was to buy some groceries and wine at the local store and sit out on the terrace for our meal. Good choice. Fantastic choice. For the next hours of daylight, sunset and then evening hours, we had a fabulous time enjoying the beauty, laughing, telling stories- a ton of family stories from our extended family that will get passed on, and enjoying each other.

As a dad, you couldn’t buy those things and times from me. Not for any price.

In gratitude this Father’s Day.